What is Swift Code? What are Swift code of Vietcombank and Vietnamese banks?

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If you regularly make transactions from all over the world, Swift code is certainly not a strange thing. So what is Swift Code? What is Vietcombank & Vietnam bank swift code? Let's find out with Cryptocoin24h below to understand the Swift code of banks:

mã Swift là gì?

What is Swift Code?

 Swift is an acronym for the English phrase Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. This association helps connect banks by making international money transactions (transfer/receipt) easy, cost-effectively, and highly secure. Code is understood as a sequence of characters consisting of letters or numbers that make up different codes.

What is Swift Code? What is Swift/BIC code? Swift Code is also known as Business Identifier Codes – BIC is an identifier, helping users identify the location of any bank or financial institution in any country in the world. Usually, Swift Code needs to be provided when doing foreign transactions.

Swift Code usually has 08 or 11 characters, and each character has its own meaning: country name, bank name, branch code.

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What is Swift Code?

Swift Code is an essential mandatory requirement when transferring/receiving money from international to Vietnam. As you know the above information, Swift Code helps to unify information globally, quickly knowing the exact name of the bank you use. In this country, it is registered, at which branch; where is the specific address?

Most banks often use the Swift Code of 8 characters in Vietnam, which is the most popular. Because the 11-character type has different branch codes, a bank has many branches covering the whole country in Vietnam. Therefore, banks often put 8-character Swift Code on their website, as shown below.

Vietcombank Swift code?

Bank name: Joint Stock Commercial

Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam Transaction name in English: Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam

Bank abbreviation: Vietcombank


In which:

  • The first four characters (BFTV) are used to identify the bank name: Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (VietcomBank) – Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam.
  • The following two characters (VN) are used to identify the country of Vietcombank – Vietnam.
  • The following two characters (VX) are used for local identification.

This SWIFT code is also applied nationwide at all transaction offices and Vietcombank branches. So no matter what branch or region you are in, you can use this code.

List of Swift Code codes of banks in Vietnam

abbreviation Bank Swift Code Code
Agribank Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development VBAAVNVX
ACB Asia Commercial Bank ASCBVNVX
ANZ Australia and New Zealand Banking Group ANZBVNVX
ABBank An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank ABBKVNVX
Bao Viet Bank Baoviet Bank BBVVNVX
Bac A Bank North Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank NASCVNVX
BIDV Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam BIDVVNVX
Citibank Citibank Vietnam CITIVNVX
Dong A Bank East Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank EACBVNVX
Eximbank Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank EBVIVNVX
HDBank HCM City Development Joint Stock Bank HDBCVNVX
HoleongBank Hong Leong Bank Vietnam HLBBVNVX
LongBank Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank KLBKVNVX
LienVietPostBank Lien Viet Post Joint Stock Commercial Bank LVBKVNVX
MBBank Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank MSCBVNVX
Maritime Bank Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank MCOBVNVX
WOMEN amABank Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank NAMAVNVX
NCB National Citizen Commercial Bank NVBAVNVX
OCB Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank ORCOVNVX
OceanBank Ocean Commercial One Member Limited Library Bank OJBAVNVX
PVcomBank Vietnam Public Joint Stock Commercial Bank WBVNVNVX
PGBank Petrolimex Group Commercial Joint Stock Bank PGBLVNVX
SaigonBank Saigon Bank for Industry and Trade SBITVNVX
Sacombank Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank SGTTVNVX
SCB Saigon Commercial Bank SACLVNVX
SHB Saigon- Ha Noi Commercial Joint Stock Bank SHBAVNVX
SeaBank SouthEast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank SEAVVNVX
Techcombank Vietnam Technology and Commercial Joint Stock Bank VTCBVNVX
TPBank Tienphong Commercial Joint Stock Bank TPBVVNVX
VIB Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank VNIBVNVX
Vietcombank Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam BFTVVNVX
Vietinbank Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade ICBVVNVX
Vietcapital Bank Vietcapital Commercial Joint Stock Bank VCBCVNVX
VPBank Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank VPBKVNVX
IndovinaBank Indovina Bank LTD. IABBVNVX
HSBC HSBC Private International Bank HSBCVNVX

If you can't find the code, you can view and look up all Swift codes of Vietnamese banks at this website: https://www.theswiftcodes.com/vietnam/.

Above is information about “What is Swift Code? Vietcombank & Vietnam bank swift code”. I hope it can be helpful for readers Cryptocoin24h.

Frequently asked questions about What is Swift Code?

What is the meaning of Swift code?

  • Secure banking transactions in the strictest way when using the right system to perform
  • Minimize transaction costs with the same system
  • Process a large number of transactions at a fast speed
  • Create a banking community Modern banks serve personal and customer interests well.
  • Banks will operate on national standards and established international conventions.
  • All use the same standard, so there is uniformity and consistency.

How to find Swift code?

  • Look up at the website: https://www.theswiftcodes.com/vietnam/.
  • Call the bank switchboard to know Swift code.

What is the function of Swift code?

  • Unfortunately, in the process of “shipping,” there is an error, then these Swift codes will be the information you report to the bank and be supported again.
  • Swift/BIC code is secure information that helps make a successful payment process when buying goods through e-commerce sites.
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