What is WIN Coin? Details of the project WIN Token

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WINK (WIN) is known as a blockchain-based decentralized game ecosystem. Today's article Kienthuccoin will teach you what a WIN coin is. What are the highlights and benefits of this virtual currency? Let's find out more about it with us.

WINkLink – What is WIN Coin?

WIN Coin là gì? WINk coin là gì?

On July 22, 2019, Binance announced the WINkLink coin as their 7th IEO on the Binance Launchpad platform. This is the first gaming project released by IEO on Binance. ‘s goal WINk is to become the blockchain industry's leading gaming platform for users to play, trade, and stake on ​​multiple blockchain systems.

WIN coin is the native token used on the WINk platform, helping to encourage active participation from developers and users through preferential policies.

How does the WIN coin work?

Each WINk user mines tokens by playing their favorite apps on the platform. The more time spent playing, the more tokens the user will receive.

What is the highlight of the WINkLink – WIN coin?

For the Data Request to access the data, they have to select one of the Data Provider lists manually. In the long run, this will not optimize the performance of the WINkLink network. They recognized this and soon had solutions to fix it.

The solution they are mainly targeting is to aggregate the data of many Data Providers and aggregate them into the most common Data used for the entire network by the Data Aggregation mechanism.

The outstanding feature of the WINk coin

WIN coin was born from the TRONbet brand name change. This is the first DApp launched on Tron. With the rebranding, WINk was specifically created to make it easier for new developers to bring projects to life on the platform. The rebranding also aims to take WINk in a new direction from its roots in TRONbet.

Detailed information about WINk Coin

Key Metrics WIN

  • Token Name: WINkLink.
  • Ticker: WIN.
  • Blockchain: Tron.
  • Standard Token: TRC-20.
  • Tron Smart Contract: TLa2f6VPqDgRE67v1736s7bJ8Ray5wYjU7
  • Token Type: Utility & Governance.
  • Total Supply: 999,000,000,000 WIN.
  • Circulating Supply: 766,299,999,999 WIN.

WIN Coin has been deployed on both Tron (TRC-20) and Binance Chain (BEP-2) networks. But after WINk converted to WINkLink coin, the Binance Chain network was no longer used by the project.

WINk Token Allocation

winklink win token allocation 1625996091017

WIN Token Distribution

Total 999,000,000,000 WIN will be divided as follows:

  • Ecosystem: 27% – 269,730,000,000 WIN.
  • Seed Sale: 15% – 149,850,000,000 WIN.
  • Initial Community: 12% – 119,880,000,000 WIN.
  • Team: 10% – 99,900,000,000 WIN.
  • Gaming Partnership: 9% – 89,910,000,000 WIN.
  • Platform Development: 7% – 69,930,000,000 WIN.
  • Strategic Partnership: 6.25% – 62,437,500,000 WIN.
  • Airdrop: 5% – 49,950,000,000 WIN.
  • Launchpad: 5% – 49,950,000,000 WIN.
  • Reserve: 3.75% – 37,462,500,000 WIN.

WIN Token Sale

winklink win token sale 1625996094962

Opening rounds for selling WIN Tokens.

Token Release Schedule

winklink win token release 1625996099152

The circulating supply has reached 766,299,999,999 WIN (76/100%). According to the announced plan, the total supply of WIN will be 100% unlocked by August 2022.

WIN Token Use Case

WIN tokens will be applied in the following cases:

  • Incentive: Used to reward WinkLink Node – data providers.
  • Payment: Used to pay for data in the WinkLink network.
  • Governance: Used to propose and vote on changes to the system.

How to earn and own a WIN Token?

You own WIN token by becoming a Data Provider for the WINkLink platform or buying directly at exchanges Binance, Kucoin, JustSwap,…

Roadmaps & Updates

Soon WINkLink will implement a scoring system for Data Providers on the WINkLink platform. WINkLink will score Data Providers through the following metrics:

  • A total number of completed data requests.
  • The total number of data approved by the user.
  • Average response time,…

Get to know the project team, investors, partners.

Project team

WINklink was developed under a project team of 12 people as follows:

team 1 winklink win 1626335008063

team 2 winklink win 1626335016630


Although WINkLink does not Notify investors specifically, from a personal perspective, this is a product that is invested or “backed” by Justin Sun – the founder of the Tron ecosystem.

Justin Sun has repeatedly wanted to enter the Defi space with projects such as JustLink (Oracle), JustSwap (AMM), Pearl Finance (Farming), … but not enough to attract users.

winklink win justin sun 1625996117727


It is one of the core areas of the Defi space as it will keep Defi running smoothly by providing accurate and timely data.

In addition, WINkLink has partners in the Tron ecosystem, typically PoloniDEX, TronLink, BitTorrent, JustSwap, and will soon launch JustLend.

winklink win ecosystem 1625996122853

Similar projects

Many projects are operating in the Oracle field in the current market, but the Oracle field is dominated by the two giants, ChainLink and Band Protocol.

oracle 1625996127124

Benefits of WIN – WINk coin

WINk coin is improved with a lot of benefits:

  • The game works under smart contracts and is entirely testable.
  • Users always have the right to monitor their funds. No need to deposit or wait for winnings to be transferred.
  • All games and winnings work on electronic money.
  • Exclusive events and social features will incentivize users to hold WIN tokens.
  • Partnering with Tron and BitTorrent will provide an immediate audience and user base.

Is a WIN coin a good investment?

Cryptocurrencies have a high degree of risk and volatility, so you should do thorough research before investing, and the WIN coin is no exception. WINk has a strong team and is starting with a strong product. It has been proven in TRONbet.

Predicting upcoming WIN coins can become the leader if there is a foundation to maintain a solid lead; these early WIN tokens can become valuable significantly if users stake bet them and profit.

What are some frequently asked questions about WIN coin?

What is the difference of the WINk coin?

WINk coin is a social platform and blockchain game. Where users will be able to bet on multiple blockchain ecosystems. The platform feels it has a unique gaming ecosystem, including an innovative token economy and behavioral mining. As well as other incentive mechanisms to make WINk a fixed platform.

Besides simply providing users with a great gaming experience, the platform is also built so that developers can quickly create new dApps that encourage user engagement and adoption.

Should I invest in the IEO WINk project?

If you look at the total supply of WINk of 999 billion compared to the selling rate of 5% to the market and the purchase volume of each ticket is minimal, Bitcoin Vietnam News predicts that WIN Coin will have the ability to increase 3-4 times after going on the exchange. But in the medium and long term, it is not advisable to hold because the capitalization of the project will be quite large and difficult to be feasible. In addition, this project is related to the gambling sector, so it is less likely to attract real cash flow from prominent investors.

In addition, to buy WIN Coin, you need to own Binance Coin, so you should hold a lot of BNB to participate in this IEO and the next IEOs on Launchpad.

Where to buy WIN coin?

You can buy WIN coins at:

  • secondary market (exchanges and other users)
  • during the promotion period
  • during the free distribution of tokens (something called Air Drops).

WIN can be purchased on exchanges like Binance, Gate, io, Poloniex, Liquid, WazirX, and many more in the secondary market.

You can gain access to the crypto market by trading WIN or any other token you like through contracts for difference (CFDs). These financial instruments track the underlying asset's value and allow you to execute long or short positions on any device supported by the platform, based on your price predictions.

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